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About US

Anubit Technologies (OPC) Private Limited, is a company dedicated to web-related services. We believe in simplicity and transparency, so we built this platform to serve our clients with best-in-class, transparent and reliable hosting, server site support, web designing, and also some necessary tech support services.

What is the problem we are solving?

While starting my journey to the online world, I have found it difficult to choose the right domain and hosting provider, because there are lots of foreign-based companies but there are few Indian-based hosting providers, and lots of them don't provide the right service at the right time in the right pricing. Also, they don't have many resources to support customer demand, for this, I decided to solve this issue by providing 24x7 support services to the customer and affordable hosting and domain pricing which they can create or destroy within some moments. I think sir/madam it is not only my problem it's a huge problem with every industry, and I believe that in your life you have also fetched that problem at least once. So, as I already said that I want to solve this issue with the domain and hosting industry with value services/products, and premium support service to the customers 24x7.

How does our startup propose to solve this problem?

So, as I have already said that I want to solve this issue with the domain and hosting industry with value services/products, and premium support services to the customers 24x7. Let's discuss this, In the Information Technology industry more specifically, in Domain & Hosting industry, it is necessary to have the right support service at the right time at affordable pricing. But as I have also mentioned that it's hard to have that kind of service, so I decided to solve the problem by providing 24x7 on-call/email/remote desk support, to our direct customers and also to those customers who want only support for their hosting servers or domain-related issues. As this requires a large number of dedicated people to serve these services, we will create opportunities for qualified hosting, domain, and software professionals. Also, we will set up in-house servers to serve our customer's needs and we will tie-up with global providers to meet global needs.

What is the uniqueness of our solution?

So, now the question is what is the uniqueness of my solution? In mentioned industry, you will not find any company that provides 24x7 direct support service in hosting and domain-related problems. As we will provide direct support services to the customers and we will also provide premium support services who already have domain and hosting with other companies but still need support. We will be having a single window and a user-friendly channel to serve in this category.
Now, 7 points we are unique :
  1. We are uniques because we are direct to the customers.
  2. We will provide a dedicated support engineer for every customer.
  3. Customers can call us/email us 24x7 and we will replay within 10 minutes of every mail received.
  4. We will provide remote desk support to customers.
  5. We will provide in-house support in premium support service if needed by any customer.
  6. We also provide automation in website creation at affordable pricing.
  7. This one is a fun fact my name is 'Anupam' in Bengali if you convert the word, 'Anupam' from Bengali to English it will give the meaning Unique or Incomparable.

How does our startup generate revenue?

So, now the question is how does my startup generate revenue? When you're solving anyone's issue it's more likely to get paid right? We will earn by providing direct hosting services to the customers by accepting online payments. We will provide free support service for direct customers where is possible and provide premium support to the customers where more work is needed by taking extra fees online. We will also provide paid support to other customers who already have hosting and domain services with other companies.